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Monday, September 17, 2018

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Lates MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing September 2018 [ All free browsing cheat ]

Finally, after a long time of waiting am pleased to tell you that mtn 0.00k free browsing is now available for everybody to flex. . . the thought we wouldn't get them, but we did stay on as arousafiber is coming to give Nigerians more and more cheat on a strange network that thinks nobody can bridge their firewall
Always check back on arousafiber for more and more cheats be it;

AIrtel free browsingMtn free browsingGlo free browsing(mtcheew glo to slow jare)Etisalat free browsing(Them think say them smart . . .  For their mind!!)

Are you searching for latest cheat to browse on your phone right now? Search no more, there is a new MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat blazing right now via KPN Tunnel Rev VPN app for Android devices. This cheat can also be used on your PC with the help of Pdanet or Tethernet apps. 

Interestingly, this mtn free browsing cheat can be tweaked with HTTP Injector and some other tunneling apps which requires root access to work BUT KPN Tunnel Rev works on both rooted and non rooted Android devices. 

Now, this is 2018 and the mtn free browsing cheat 2018 September has resurrected in new dimension because this one is not unlimited. The cheat is capped at about 1GB on some sims while capped at about 2GB to 3GB daily on some other Sims. Follow below instructions to enjoy the new MTN Cheat 2018 before it gets blocked. 

✔️ Your Android phone or tablet
✔️ MTN NG 3G or 4G with 0.0kb Airtime and data balance 
✔️ KPN Tunnel Rev (download here 
✔️ Download KPN Tunnel Rev Config File from Here ✔️ Apply default MTN APN settings.

✔️ Download both KPNTunnel and it's Config file for MTN 0.0kb cheat from the links provided above 
✔️ After that, open the KPN Tunnel Rev on your phone 
✔️ Then tap the three dots on a straight line

✔ Now️ tap on Config options > tap Import and locate the KPN MTN 0.0k file
Just tap on it to import.
✔️ After that, tap on the three dashed icons and tick the SSH Tunnel box.
✔️ Then go back and tap Start to connect and the cheat will connect after few seconds. 

Remember this version of the cheat works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices as well as Windows PC. 


✔️ Connect your VPN app and make sure it's browsing on your phone
✔️ Then Open TetherNet app and tap on VPN as you are making use of a VPN connection
✔️ Now tap on Hotspot as you will share the connection via WiFi Hotspot
✔️ Finally, tap on Start Connection
You'll get a popup message "Connection Share Through AP Hotspot"
With this, you will be able to use your VPN cheat on PC without any other special settings on your PC or web browser. 

I hope you enjoy it. Happy browsing!
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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Introduction to Jamb and eligibility


jamb computer based test


The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board was established by an Act of 1978, subsequently amended in 1989 and  1993. By the virtue of the Take action, the Table is empowered to be accountable for the:general control over the conduct of matriculation examinations into most Universities, Monotechnics, Colleges, and polytechnics of Education;
appointment of examiners, moderators, invigilators, members of the subject committees and panels and other people with respect to matriculation examinations;
keeping suitably qualified applicants in the tertiary establishments in collaboration with those establishments.
In furtherance of the functions, the Board conducts a matriculation examination for applicants seeking admissions to tertiary institutions within the national country. This examination is called the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Evaluation (UTME).


Those permitted sit the UTME are holders of the next qualifications or their equivalents:

the West African College Certificate (WASC)
the Senior Secondary College Certificate (SSCE)
the National Complex Certificate or the National Business Certificate (NTC/NBC)
Teachers’ Grade II Certificate
Candidates who've sat or are scheduled to sit for examinations in any of these qualifications in the year of application may also sit for the UTME


The UTME is conducted once a year in the computer-based test mode. The test is a three-hour multiple-choice in four subjects, with a compulsory paper - the Use of English and three additional subjects of a candidate’s choice. Prospective candidates should seek the suggestions of their teachers, career or parents/guardians counselors in their choice of elective subjects for the UTME.

Candidates should go to the JAMB practice check window on its internet site: to familiarize themselves with top features of the computer-based test at no extra cost.


Prospective applicants for the UTME are to notice that to allow them to protected admissions into tertiary education programme, they need to:

attain an appreciable regular of move in the UTME in the relevant topics;
have got credit passes on five relevant topics in the appropriate WAEC/NECO SSCE/Teachers’ Grade II examination.
The credit/merit passes in question should be attained at not more than two sittings. Normally, credit passes Mathematics and the English Language are required for all tertiary education courses except where it is stated otherwise. In addition to the general entry requirements specified above, candidates must meet any additional specific entry. Candidates are consequently advised to consult the appropriate sections of the UTME/DE brochure for details about the specific access requirements for different programmes. Additionally, it is vital that you remember that admissions are at the mercy of general guidelines enunciated every once in awhile by the proprietors of higher educational establishments. Such guidelines may lay out admissions quotas or implementation concepts that your Board and the establishments are anticipated to uphold.


Increasingly, candidates, exam officials, and other individuals are yielding to the temptation to cheat in examinations. Cheating (or aiding or abetting cheating) in examinations is definitely criminal take action punishable in regulation. The Exam, Malpractices Decree 1999 provides penalties for individuals convicted of exam malpractice. The punishment provided include imprisonment for 3-5 years or a fine of N50,000 or more, or both prison sentence and fine. By provision of the decree, the following are considered criminal acts:

Cheating, make use of digital camera, impersonation, collusion with others with the intent to cheat or secure unfair benefit for personal or for another, disturbance in examinations, misconduct throughout an examination, failing to obey lawful orders of supervisors, agents or proctors of the evaluation body, forgery of end result notification, breach of duty, conspiracy, aiding, multiple program, etc.

Source: Topschoolnews jamb jobs and Nigerian school news
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

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Airtel Ng has done it again; these amazing plans offers 3GB FOR N1000, 6GB FOR N1500, 7GB FOR N2000, and 18GB FOR N4000 but you have to be eligible for it. For eligibility airtel will have to send you an sms notifying you of the particular plan available for you.

Below are some of the messages you will get to confirm your eligibility;

  • DIAL *496# TO GET 3GB FOR N1000
  • DIAL *440*161# TO GET 6GB FOR N1500
  • DIAL *437#  TO GET 7GB FOR N2000
  • DIAL *438*1# TO GET 18GB FOR N4000

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Simple guidelines on how to install wordpress

Each business and specialty needs a website to thrive and making a website has never been this simple, given the quantity of free open source stages accessible today for the errand. 

In this article, I should attempt to whole up the whole procedure of website establishment in simple pointers for your benefit. We should begin. 

There are three fundamental strides to introduce your own website and these means we might talk about intricately, which are: 

• Selecting a Platform. 

• Selecting a Domain name and Host. 

• Finally Installing Platform and beginning with website building. 

These means are basic, effectively understandable and proficient, on the off chance that you plan to make a fundamental website without much coding. How about we talk about these focuses in detail. 

1. Choosing a Platform. 

Picking the correct stage for making your website is vital. It resembles an establishment on which you develop your website. 

Many free open source CMS are accessible, most prevalent of which are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!. 

In the event that you make them work learning of client end and server side programming dialects, you can go for Drupal or Joomla!. For the individuals who need specialized learning with respect to coding, WordPress is the adept decision. This component of WordPress is the thing that makes it hugely prominent and a stage that is all around used to make websites. 

There are numerous upsides of utilizing WordPress some of which I might specify here. 

• It is free. 

• Easy to introduce with many free layouts and modules to look over for your website. 

• Great for little or extensive scale websites in like manner. 

• Responsive Website Designs. 

Inferable from these components, WordPress has moved toward becoming #1 decision for novices. 

2. Picking a Domain name and Host. 

Having a domain name and web hosting administration is exceptionally pivotal for getting your website on the web. 

Domain name and hosting can cost you anyplace between $3-$30 dollars a month relying on which domain name and web hosting administration you pick. 

Your domain name ought to be appealing, attractive and pertinent to what you do. Stick to .organization, .com or .net domain expansions. 

3. Beginning with WordPress. 

When you have your domain name and web hosting, you can venture up the step and introduce WordPress to begin building up your website. Ventures to establishment are as per the following. 

• One-tick Installation 

Numerous great web hosting administrations like Enterprise Web Cloud offers incorporated "a single tick establishment" for WordPress. Take after these simple strides for establishment. 

(1) Log into your web hosting account. 

(2) Locate "WordPress" or "Website" symbol in the control board. 

(3) Select the domain where you need to introduce your website. 

(4) Click on "Introduce Now" catch and access your WordPress website. 

• Manual Installation. 

Assuming, be that as it may, your web hosting does not offer "a single tick Installation", go for manual establishment of WordPress, the means to which we examine thusly. 

(1) Download WordPress from the official page by writing in the URL 

(2) Extract WordPress in another envelope on your desktop from the compress record. 

(3) Rename a document named wp-config-sample.php to: wp-config.php. 

(4) Open wp-config.php with scratch pad and sort in the accompanying lines: 

• define('DB_NAME', 'database_name_here'); - Database name (in the event that you don't have any acquaintance with it, ask this from your hosting support) 

• define('DB_USER', 'username_here'); - Your hosting username 

• define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password_here'); - Your hosting watchword 

Spare the document in the wake of filling in the holes. 

(5) Log into your hosting ftp. FTP address is for the most part, username and secret word being a similar that you used to enlist to your host. 

(6) Delete any record named "file". Taking after that, transfer every one of the documents from your WordPress organizer to your FTP server. "drag n drop" capacity of FileZilla can be utilized for the same. 

(7) Visit URL: after you have finished the past stride. The subsequent page ought to resemble this: 

All you need to do now is to fill in the structures and you are good to go to begin making your website. 

We trust, you have completely comprehended the establishment procedure totally with the assistance of this article. Every green light for your website building wander.
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Make the most of your night with Glo New Night Plan! Glo is one of the best system in Nigeria and is known as the excellent ace of information plans as a result of their moderate and shoddy information plans. So their night plan will help you play out all errand on the web especially, in the night. All things considered, Airtel still has the least expensive night plan.It can be utilized to peruse, surf the web, stream recordings, play web based diversions and can likewise be utilized on PC modem, amusement reassure and different gadgets that has the capacity or similarity to get to the web. When you actuate this information, you may have the capacity to utilize it at night(s)… Let's see the new Glo night plan

How to activate glo night plan
– Just recharge 200Naira
– Then dial *127*60# to activate the new glo night plan
– After activation, you will have to wait till 12am in the midnight and browse till 5am

NOTE: It can be used on P C
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Dealing With Common Windows PC Problems To Improve Efficiency

Image result for common p c problems

If you rely on upon your PC to finish the dominant part of your work, then you perceive how confounding even the littlest PC issues can be. A standout amongst the best techniques for ensuring that your PC execution is successful and strong is by at any rate making sense of how to handle customary issues. There are different Windows PC issues that can without quite a bit of an extend be understood getting you by and by into enchanting execution and they join the going with:

Direct PC - It is one of the commonest issues among Windows customers. Before considering supplanting your PC consider the reasons for the stoppage. A bit of the clarifications for it consolidate corrupted registry, futile undertakings, spyware and isolated data. You can without a lot of an extend recuperate your speeds by emptying programs you never use or shutting them down when you are done using them. You can similarly get Windows applications to clean registry and run circle defragmenter.

PC hardens - Viruses are usually behind this issue. Malware maladies are on the rising, inciting the stops. PC hardware can in like manner provoke the issue. Be vigilant when clicking goes along with you are not familiar with or suspicious looking associations with maintain a strategic distance from diseases. Acquaint unfriendly with spyware and antivirus and promise it is always invigorated. It is moreover valuable to check hardware drivers for invigorated structures and uninstalling parts starting late presented if you conjecture the issue is gear related.

Sudden state of mind executioners - If you keep experiencing unanticipated PC, mind-set executioners, you could have horrendous connection affiliations, lacking force supply or insufficient battery. Exactly when your PC overheats, it is moreover subject to shut down so it can cool. Beat the issue by ensuring connections are related honestly and checking the fan routinely so you can clean and immaculate as legitimate. If you are using a versatile PC, you may need to check the battery; deterioration after some time is unavoidable and it may be a perfect chance to have it supplanted.

Web printing misses the mark - You may be faced with a need to print documents from the web just to find that your PC won't print. It could be in light of the fact that the report you are endeavoring to print is mystery key guaranteed from this time forward making it not printable or the reality of the situation may prove that you have turned on fly up blocker. It would be a brilliant thought to allow brief pop-ups and you can in like manner find bona fide undertakings to break codes in documents that are secured.

Surprising fusses - They could be vibration or murmurs. They by and large are along these lines of failed or missing the mark gear. Electrical portion issues may realize fussing noises however nonappearance of ventilation can achieve the murmuring uproars. Consider cleaning the fan and divert off any clean and certification the air deltas are free. On occasion, you may need to uninstall and reinstall sound drivers or supplant sound card.

Issues getting on the web - Network misconfigurations, programming and hardware switch botches, mistaken IP address, expert association lethargy and firewall application can all be accountable for this. Check all parts that matter, including your framework affiliation status so you can reboot the switch where crucial or call your ISP.

A couple of Windows PC issues can be settled by settling botches in your DLL records. If you are hunting down tried and true DLL settle, DLL suite is the thing that you should consider.
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Monday, January 30, 2017

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The Specifications of Gionee A1 indicates high-end and premium while the price is decently okay going by the features of this device. The Gionee A1 is set to be the first in the A-series list of mobile phones to be released by the Chinese OEM. Gionee A1 is powered by Octa-core processor alongside 4GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, it supports fingerprint, IR blaster and has stunning cameras. Below is the full specs of the phone including the expected launch price, price in India, and Nigeria.


Network Band : GSM
GSM 2G Bands : GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800,
GSM 1900
GSM 3G Bands : HSDPA 900, HSDPA 1900,
HSDPA 2100
GSM 4G Bands : LTE 2100, LTE 800, LTE 1800,
LTE 2600, LTE 850, LTE 2300, (With VoLTE)
SIM Card Support : Hybrid Dual Sim
Operating System : Android
OS Version : Android 7.0 (Nougat), (Amigo UI 4.0)

Processor : Octa Core Processor
Processor Speed : 1.8 GHz

Internal Memory : 64 GB
RAM Size : 4 GB
Memory Card Slot : MicroSD, (Uses Sim 2 Slot)
Memory Support : Upto 128 GB

Form Factor : Phablet
Weight : 165g, (Unofficial)

Proximity Sensor,
Accelerometer, Compass,
Ambient Light, G-Sensor, Gyro,

Torch Light : Yes
Dedicated Keys : Volume, Power, Fingerprint Key
Device Security : Device Password Lock, Device Pattern Lock, Slide Lock, PIN code Lock, Face Unlock,
Fingerprint Unlock
Call Management
Phonebook Memory: Unlimited
Ringtone or Alert Type: Vibration, MP3 ringtones, WAV

Display Type : IPS LCD Capacitive TouchScreen
Screen Protection : Corning Gorilla Glass, (2.5D Curved Glass)
Display : 16M Colors
Pixel density range
400 to 500 ppi, (~401 ppi Pixel Density)
Screen Size : 1080 x 1920 pixels
Display Size : 5.5 Inch
Multi Touch Support

Primary Camera : 13 Megapixels, 4128 x 3096 Pixels
Camera Flash LED : Dual-LED Flash
Front Camera : 16 Megapixels
Front Camera Flash: Yes

Geo-Tagging : Yes
Hd Video-Recording With 1080p
Camera Zoom : Digital Zoom, (Lose-less Zoom)
TV Output : With Wireless Connection
Video Quality : 1080p 30 FPS
Panorama : Yes
Camera Features : Autofocus, PDAF Sensor,
Gesture Shot, Voice Capture,
Face Beauty, Burst Mode, HDR,
Smile detection, Face Detection,
Self timer, Touch focus, Low Light Mode, Professional Mode,Smart Scene Modes

✔️ MULTIMEDIA (Audio / Video)
Loudspeaker : Yes
Audio Format : WAV, AAC+, OGG, FLAC, MIDI,
Video Format : 3GP, H.263, H.264, MKV, DivX,
3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes
FM Radio : Yes

Data Speed : HSDPA 42 Mbps, HSPA plus, LTE
USB-Support : Type-C USB, With OTG
Infrared Port : Yes, (Remote Controller)
NFC (Near Field Communication): No

Browser Name : Google Chrome Browser
Browsing Support : XHTML, HTML, HTML5
WiFi Support : Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi Direct,DLNA
Hot Spot : Yes
Map Support : Google Maps
Bluetooth Support : Bluetooth 4.1, With A2DP

Office Tool Support: Document Editor
inbuilt applications: Calculator, Notes, To-do list, Google Apps, Amigo Apps, VAS Apps

Messaging : SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail,
IM, Hangouts, WhatsApp

GPS Tracking : with A-GPS support, GLONASS

Battery Model : Li-Po 4010 mAh, (Non-Removable)
Quick Charge : Yes, (18W Fast Charger)
Wireless Charging : No
Stand-by Time : 420 Hrs, (Unofficial)
Talk Time : 28 Hrs, (Unofficial)
Music Playback : Up to 70 Hrs
Video Playback : Up to 12 Hrs

Hybrid Dual Sim(Dual Standby)
Social Networking Services And Apps
Metal Body Design
Diamond Cutting Edges
Sandstone Pattern Finish Back Cover
Extreme Power Saving Mode
Smart Gesture Controls

✔️ PRICE (expected)
Launch Price: $293
Price in India: Rs 20,000
Price in Nigeria: NGN 90,000

Not yet officially available. Coming soon... We will keep you updated once it's available.

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After unleashing untimely deadly blow on all blackberry users weeks ago, the Instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on a feature you’ll love, that will track the live location of members, allowing users to track the whereabouts of their friends in real time.

If you can still remember, In December last year, WhatsApp added the features to revoke and edit the sent messages in a beta version testing. The feature is currently available in WhatsApp beta for the iOS but not available on the normal platform.

The "Live Location Tracking" is a new feature already introduced to some beta tester but will soon be roll out to both Android and iOS platform

According to info, the features will work on WhatsApp beta version for iOS, 2.16.399+ on Android and will be disabled by default.
The  Live Location Tracking can be kept on for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or indefinitely. Now imagine that you have a lying partner, or a random player, with this feature, you can easily trace their location in real time.

Or this could come in handy if you're supposed to meet with your family at a certain location and time, and you want to see how far away from the destination they are.

And if you don’t want anyone to track your movement,  The live streaming can also be disabled so that no one can learn where you are at any given moment.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Etisalat blackberry plan on android is back again but this time it came with the BB10 packages and it's working like never before. This post is a little bit late because i wanted to thoroughly confirm it working before publishing.
So while Airtel is doing us strong thing with confusing and deceitful data offers, tweakers cracked out a new method to use etisalat BIS tweak on android via Psiphon VPN Download it [Here or Tweakware Mod without IMEI tweaking

It might interest you to know that this BIS plan has a data cap of 6GB so even if you subscribe for the daily plan that costs only N70 Naira, you will be given 6GB so in this article you will see "how to use etisalat BBlite (BIS) on android"

=> Download psiphon vpn HERE

=> Download tweakware modTest HERE

=> A 3g internet enabled android phone

=> Subscription to any etisalat BBlite plans

How To Subscribe For Etisalat BBlite Plans
1. For daily, dial *599*2*2# (costs N70)
2. For Weekly, dial *599*2*1# (costs N350)
3. For Monthly, dial *599*2# (costs N1000

Alternatively you can subscribe to etisalat BB10 (BBlite) via SMS
1. Send DLITE to 399costs N70/daily
2. Send WLite to 399 costs N350/weekly
3. Send MLite to 399 costs N1000/monthly

How To Use Etisalat BIS On Android
First of all, you need to configure your phone’s APN as below.
Go to your mobile APN settings and
use this below settings:
Proxy: Empty
Port: Empty

Psiphon VPN Settings For Etisalat BIS On Android
Install the already downloaded Psiphon VPN in case you don't have it on your phone
then Launch the app
At the handler settings, configure it as below:
Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy server:
Then click on Save
Then go to your More Option settings and
untick connect through Http Proxy
Then wait for few seconds for it to Connect.

Tweakware Mod Settings:
Switch to Logs then Click on
Handler Menu
Its will request for Tweakware
childlock code then input
= cdce.imishiro.032990
After unlocking, use Real Host
as proxy type and then clear the
click.php in the proxy server and
with blackberryid.blackberry.
Click on Save
Go to SETTINGS and untick
connect through Http Proxy
Then go back to HOME and click

Its takes few seconds to connect
but if it doesn't just off and on data
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Monday, May 30, 2016

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Tubi TV: Watch Latest Movies Online For Free Without Paying Any Fee

Are you interesting of watching movies online without paying for any fee to watch latest movies? Tubi TV offers FREE popular movies and TV series streaming to you without ever having to pay a fee! Tubi TV have many free categories to choose from, including a Not On Netflix category featuring the free movies that you can't find on Netflix or other popular subscription video apps.

They also add new free movies and TV shows every week so there is always something new to watch. Tubi TV has the largest library of free and legal TV shows and movies to choose from, whenever and wherever you want.

All you needs is to download Tubi Tv on your device and enjoy latest movies such as Action, Comedy, Drama, New Anime series, Horror etc.

Where To Download Tubi Tv

Click  LINKto download and Installed Tubi TV from Play Store now
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Monday, May 23, 2016

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Imagine a world where you can use any Android app without actually the need to download or install it on your smartphone. No installation required. Just tap the URL  and the apps open even if the user doesn’t have the full app installed.

This is the world the god of the network intend to offer you … the world called instant App!
Google realized that downloading an app is a real pain in the ass sometimes when you don't want to install the complete app on your smartphone.

Announced at Google I/O event on Wednesday, Android instant apps will break down the walls between websites and Android apps by allowing people to tap on a URL and open an Android app instantly, without even having to install it.

If you close an Instant App, it’s essentially gone. It technically lives on in your cache for a few hours.
It will be available for Android users later this year, and the good news is that Instant app features will work on Android 4.2 Jellybean and later.

This is why Android rules the system! If you are not on Android, you are wrong.
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Saturday, May 7, 2016

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MTN reduces their data plan bundles to cheaper price

This is a great news to all MTN internet users as MTN officially reduce their data plan bundle to cheaper price, and with this cheaper price we can be able to enjoy browsing on all our devices without too much worry. How I wish other network can do something as MTN did so that we Nigerians can enjoy a cheaper data plan as other countries do. But we want cheap unlimited browsing plan.

No need to buy any MTN data from third party resellers for now because MTN provides cheapest data for you which you can buy it directly from you sim card.

Below are the Newly MTN data plan bundle for Monthly, Weekly and Daily users.

For Daily plan users

Dial *131*1*1# then you reply any plan you wish to buy

OR Text Format

MTN 30MB For 100 (Valid for 24Hrs) SMS 104 to 131
MTN 100MB For N200 (Valid for 24Hrs) SMS 113 to 131

For Weekly plan users

Dial *131*1*2# then you reply any plan you wish to buy

OR Text Format

MTN 750MB For N500 (Valid for 7 Days) SMS 103 to I31

For Monthly plan users

Dial *131*1*3# then you reply any plan you wish to buy

OR Text Format

MTN 1.5GB for N1000 (Valid for 30 Days) SMS 106 to 131
MTN 3.5GB for N2,000 (Valid for 30 Days) SMS 110 to 131
MTN 10GB for N5,000 (Valid for 30 Days) SMS 116 to 131
MTN 22GB for N10,000 (Valid for 30 days) SMS 117 to 131

Data Plan For All Mifi Users (3Months)

Dial *131*1*4# then you reply any plan you wish to buy

OR Text Format

MTN 50GB For N20,000 (Valid for 3Months) SMS 118 to 131
MTN 85GB For N50,000 (Valid for 3Months) SMS 133 to 131
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

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New Etisalat 0.0kobo unlimited free browsing

It happens again, New Etisalat 0.0kobo unlimited free browsing is now working and blazing on android devices. For those that are desperate looking for a way to enjoy unlimited free here is a new way to rock with your Etisalat.No long story, let me go straight to the point to show you how it works.

How To Enjoy New Etisalat 0.0kobo unlimited free browsing on your Android device

=>It works with Psiphon handler so if you don't have it on your device click HERE to download any one from our download page.

=> After you download and install Psiphon handler on your devices. Open it and set it as shown in the images below.

Handler Settings

More Options Settings(Note: Leave everything unmarked)
Note: It may take upto 5minute before it shows connected
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